Blood transfusion

The right preparation avoids unnecessary work

Before the blood is collected by the nurse, Mobitrace asks for the parameters to be taken from the patient.

This avoids blood being collected unnecessarily, only to find for example that the patient has a fever and the blood cannot be administered.

No more useless phone calls between lab and ward

When the lab has a blood product ready, this will be indicated in the blood bank package.

This status becomes available in Mobitrace immediately so that a nurse can collect the blood from the ward or have it send by pneumatic tube.

A full overview of the blood transfusions in progress at any moment 

Each blood product that arrives at the ward is scanned in upon receipt so the lab knows how long it was in transit.

An alarm is given when a pre-set time is exceeded.

The blood product can also be sent back to the lab. Mobitrace informs the LIS of the actual administration at the start of the transfusion so that the billing process can initiated.

Perfectly track and report vital signs during transfusion

Mobitrace asks to register vital signs when starting or ending a transfusion and at certain moments in between as required.

When the patient has been transferred to another ward, the vital signs measurement task follows the patient.

In case the Mobitrace Vital Signs and EWS module is being used, planned vital signs measurements are taken into account to avoid double/unnecessary registrations.

Vital signs can be registered in Mobitrace in the following ways:

  • Manual entry
  • Entry using voice recognition (Nuance SDK integration)

Import through interface with parametermonitors  (WelchAllyn, Mindray, Philips…)

Safe administration through communication with the source system

  • Mobitrace always verifies the patient’s identity using the wristband
  • Compatibility between blood product and patient
  • Mobitrace works with every LIS on the market
  • The nurse can register any transfusion reactions in Mobitrace directly
  • Mobitrace exports all the data recorded back to the LIS or blood bank module
  • Transfusion report to EHR

Medication administration

Safe administration through communication with the source system

  • Scheduling medication administration times from pharmacy package / EMV.
  • Administration modalities (reference, timing, quantity, dose, administration method, updates, etc.) are also called up and displayed in Mobitrace
  • Mobitrace always verifies the patient’s identity using the wristband
  • Medication identification
  • Compatibility between medication and patient (scanning)
  • Ingestion registration
  • Feedback to pharmacy package and EMR

Medication incident reporting

Mobitrace can register reactions or incident reports such as medication administration not successful, (acute) reactions, procedural errors, etc.

A deviating dose or period can also be registered.

Full view by work list and medication administration per patient

  • The nurse always has a full and up-to-date overview of the medication to be administered for each patient and department
  • Mobitrace also indicates whether the medication administration is only partially finished and proposes a new administration time

Phlebotomy management

A full overview of the work list for venipuncture actions at any moment

  • The nurse always has a full and up to date overview of the samples to be taken per department, per patient and per order.
  • No more double venipunctures, because the sampling box is checked and registered upon completion
  • Correct follow-up
  • Delegating venipuncture actions (from venipuncture round to ward and vice versa)

Safe sampling

  • Mobitrace always verifies the patient’s identity using the wristband
  • Optional positive identification of patient
  • Scanning sample tubes with link to patient

Print sample labels on mobile printer

Bedside label printing with sample number issued by LIS

Nursing support during sampling

  • Clear listing of the samples to be taken with visual indication
  • Option to take extra samples with extra label printing
  • Registration of incomplete sampling with statement of reasons

Support for use of pre-labelled tubes


  • Mobitrace scans the unique ID of the tube and links it to the patient.
  • The combination of tube ID and patient ID/sample number is forwarded to the LIS together with other relevant information (sample taker, ward, sample date and time)
  • Blood gas sampling process available, to be linked to middleware of POCT analysers

Vital signs & EWS

When using the Mobitrace Vital parameters & EWS module, vital signs are taken from the patient and registered in Mobitrace:

  • Manual input
  • Input by means of speech recognition
  • Input by automatic data takeover from parameter monitors (WelchAllyn, Mindray, Philips, etc.)

Other modules

Wound care

  • Facilitate optimal and rapid care
  • Follow-up using images of the wound
  • Document wound care administered

Material consumption

  • Support for complete and correct billing
  • Support for optimal stock management
  • Immediate tracing in case of quality problems and/or product recalls

Incident reporting

  • Registration of findings according to WHO or local taxonomies
  • Document using photos
  • Generate follow-up actions and notifications

Blood gas sampling

  • Blood gas sampling with pre-labelled tubes (Radiometer with 1st Automatic integration (Flexlink)
  • Safe sampling
  • Registration of sampling location, type of blood(arterial, venous, etc) and parameters to be measured

Patient Questionnaires

  • Falling risk
  • Decubitus
  • Malnutrition
  • Pain score
  • Cognition
  • Depression score
  • Confusion
  • Frailty