NurseFlow App

Support for all care processes

NurseFlow supports all bed-side activities to be performed by a nurse.

Configurable processes

NurseFlow processes can be adapted to meet specific needs of a hospital.  Different processes can be supported in different wards if required.

Automatic registration

The activities performed are automatically kept up to date for the patient together with the data recorded in the process.

Identification by barcode

In addition to patients, products such as medication, samples, blood products as well as devices are uniquely identified by scanning the barcode. This strongly reduces the chance of mistakes.

Transfer between nurse shifts

NurseFlow supports information transfer between nurses at the end of their shifts. Simple overviews of the activities performed for the patient, the most recent measurements can be consulted on a clearly laid out screen.

User training and accreditation

NurseFlow keeps track of which nurses are trained or calls up the training status upon registration in learning management systems such as Roche’s Cobas Academy.

In this way, only nurses who have the necessary accreditations can use a NurseFlow module.

A SCORM compatible e-learning module is also currently being developed.

Full audit trail

All activities performed for a patient in a given period can easily be retrieved.

All the available data can be displayed quickly and clearly.

The NurseFlow device

True mobility

Devices with a PDA form factor can easily be taken wherever nurses want to record information.  The touch screen us clear and high quality and can be operated with just one free hand.

Choice of many devices

Both iOS and Android-based solutions are supported.  The Mobitrace company does not build its own hardware but has built relationships with developers of mobile healthcare devices.  In that way we can always be sure that state of the art devices are available.

Healthcare grade

Every device is equipped with an impact-resistant and disinfectable 2D High Resolution scanner. Their compact size makes them easy for nurses to carry with them. The battery has a long lifespan and will easily last a full shift.

NurseFlow Server

Integration with underlying systems

NurseFlow is not an additional data silo and will only update the data that is strictly necessary to support the nurse’s activities. All other registered and relevant data will be fed back to different underlying systems. This typically involves LIS, HIS, EMR and other systems.

Standard interfaces

We have chosen to use the HL7 standard to link with other applications. Of course we can support different types of interfaces (e.g. web services) in the event that HL7 is not an option.

All activity is logged

All activities and the related information are kept within the NurseFlow server. This information can be consulted at any time.

Version management of processes

Each modification of a process can be traced back by means of version management. In this way, it is also possible to activate the new processes on certain wards first and they can be tested before they are rolled out over the whole hospital.

In the data registration we also always keep track of what version of the process was used to register the data. This is an important advantage for accreditation purposes.

NurseFlow Cockpit

Display NurseFlow activities on a pc/laptop

The work being done within the ward can be tracked on a ward screen. For instance, you can view activities in progress, where nurses are currently performing activities, and the status of current processes within the ward.

Process-specific status overview

An individual screen is available for each process to track the status at the process level.

For example a screen is available for blood transfusion that displays the current transfusions by ward or by status, with relevant additional information such as product IDs and patient IDs.

Tracking process status across wards

It is important for the laboratory that lab requests or blood transfusions can be tracked across all wards. The respective items are marked visually if pre-set time limits are exceeded.

For instance, a blood product that is in transit for longer than 30 minutes from the lab will be marked when that time expires to enable the transfusion nurse to trace what is going wrong in good time.

Consulting activities per patient

In the NurseFlow Cockpit, all the activities registered in NurseFlow can be consulted. It is easy to switch to data from 1 or 2 days ago or to a specific date.

The data can also be filtered so that only data from a specific process is displayed.

You can see at a glance who registered each activity, and at what moment.